Toffee BIAB™

With beige undertones and notes of warm light brown, this candy-coated BIAB™ is what sweet dreams are made of. Inspired by Cookie from our Nu Nudes gel collection, Toffee is a tasty treat that is too good to save for dessert.

Builder In A Bottle™, aka BIAB™ or Cover Nude Builder, is a range of soak-off gel builders ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails.

    • Includes 2-in-1 Base Coat and Primer — no need for extra products
    • Long-lasting results with 4+ weeks of wear
    • Designed to keep natural nails strong
    • Self-levelling
    • Can be infilled or soaked off (debulk the product first)
    • Can be left as a beautiful shade or finished with a gel colour
    • 20 mL bottle can achieve 25 to 65 sets, depending on the nail and extension length
    • 100% gel system
    • LED and UV curable

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